"The Things in the Woods" (1993)
Written by :Gordon Eick, Steven Craine,
M ichael Cyrulnic and James Haynes
Directed By: Steven Craine & Gordon Eick

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Act 1
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DSL version
Act 2
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Act 3
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This movie was made in 1993 with no buget, that's right not "low budget" but NO BUDGET! Seriuosly though I don't think we spent more than $150 plus the priceless "Prop Room" that we aquired over years of making even lower budget movies. It was shot partly on VHS, partly on 8mm Video and some on High 8. Well I hope you enjoy.

The movie was shown in a small theatre in Farmington Hills Michigan one night only, the Friday before halloween of 1993. We sold out the first show and were forced to hold a second showing that same night...Over 350 some people showed up. It was amazing! Click Here to see a picture of the theatre. We also premiered a cartoon called "Bye-Bye Bunny" before we showed the movie.

I would like to give credit to all of the others who helped make this movie. The end credits are not even close to legible. I will hopefully update this with a link to a full typed version of the original credits (joke credits included) but until then I would like to thank everyone who helped out during the long and tiring shoots, it was a team effort that made this all possible.

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