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Puritea Lounge -
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Ahhhhh, a nice hot cup of tea. Good stuff too! You should check out the site and find out what tea can do for YOU! It gave me a freelance project so far. I'll have to post an update once I get some tea myself!
VS Media -
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This is a "Coming Soon" page for the company that I currently work for. Unfortunately we haven't had time to get the full site together just yet. It is "Coming Soon" though. Most likely the final site won't even look like this at all! There's some cool flash up there already though.
Advanced Digital Services -
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This site was built in flash. It utilizes flash to play video in a custom aspect ratio. The company specializes in High Definition conversions and other high tech audio video needs.
Conejo Valley Examiner -

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This site was built as an template for an actual newspaper in the Conejo Valley. It was mostly html layout, there awas not a whole lot of design. I did make the banners though. Take a look. This is just a sample of the site. The information is not current and there may be some "template" pages and broken banners. I may go and fix it. Or get the code to rotate the banners for my "sample".

American Film Partners -
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This site was built mainly with html, photoshop, Lightwave 3D and flash. I may have used some other programs along the way as well. The company makes B rated movies for international distribution. Trailers can be viewed and you can read the synopsis for each movie. I made this site in
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This site was made with html, photoshop and flash. I did this site for a friend's sister. She's a great actress. You should click on this link and check out her site. At the moment this is the only place it exists. Don't you feel special? Go, go GO! Click the freakin' screencap already.
Jenny Donovan's Portfolio-
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This is another friend of mine's sister. She's an artist and I helped her put together a digital portfolio. I used flash to create an interface in which you can browse through photos and video of her artwork. It was built for a CD rom but it works on the web. The video plays better off the CD but it does work. Take a look!
No Joke Poker -
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I put this site together for fun. Eventually it will be a portal to all kinds of poker information. It's a hobby site really. It does serve a purpose though. You can go there and play video poker! Just for fun of course. Don't think you're going to get me to pay up on your credits or anything. Enjoy! Try not to vomit from all of the flashing banners that I placed around. It helps the nausia if you click on them and buy stuff.

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This is a site I did for a hosting company. It was kept very simple. I didn't get too creative with it. Sometime that is just what is wanted and needed though. If you need hosting, this is a great place. Check it out!

Pacific Realty-

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This is a Realty site I did.The design was kept very simple and the logo had already been created. If you're looking for Commercial or Residential real estate... Click the link above NOW!!

WhoooHoooo! Buyin property is fun!

N-line ONE -
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This one is a corporate e-commerce site I did. I got to use some stock photography (something I wish I had access to more of) as well as some photos I took for the creation of the site. I did create the logo as well.
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Yo Yo Yo...You gotta check this out! It's the dope shizzy! If you like comedy and you like bustin' caps and phat raps, you need to visit this site. I didn't design the site but I worked on the logos for a friend. I threw the logo together pretty quick. I think it came out alright though. Take a look.
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